How to take care of that beard that you have grown so well?

Beards are awesome! They protect the face from dust, sun rays and make the bearer look extremely appealing. However, having a face full of glorious flowing beard is not everybody’s cup of tea-it takes some work. Scrawny, half grown beard, or a beard that has become frizzy can make you look more unkept than well groomed.

So, read on to find some tips to take care of the beard that you (or your man) has grown so well:

  1. Let it grow: Your “sexy” look will not come in a short time. You must be patient with your beard to let it come out in its full glory. Let it grow before you shape and trim it to your choice. A lot of people try to shape or trim their beard too early in their Movember phase - a common rookie mistake, which may take weeks to fix. Another common mistake is having a neck-beard. While in the growing phase, you would not cut or trim your beard very often, the beard should look intentional; the beard should be full all the way around your jaw and underneath your chin for a fancy bearded look right from the beginning. 
  1. Wash your beard: If you do not want your beard to smell like your last meal, your favourite beer and a splash of your darling’s perfume on a busy Tuesday morning before an important presentation at office, make sure you keep your beard clean. To keep your beard clean, a mild oil based soap is perfect. Make a practice to wash your beard at least twice a week, more so if you spend a lot of time outdoors.  Don’t make the mistake of using harsh chemical laden soaps or shampoos which may strip your beard of all-natural oils and make them dry.
  1. Condition it: Rather than using a synthetic beard condition, which contains alcohol which would dry out your beard over time, use a few drops of beard oils to condition and nourish your beard and skin. Rub a few drops of a good beard oil on damp beard, preferably as soon as you step out of shower or wash your face. Choose a good beard oil like the Masala Chai or Musk and Cypress which would condition your beard, moisturize your skin and leave a your beard smelling pleasant all day long
  1. Use grooming products: Who says you cannot have a face of full flowing beard if you are in the corporate jungle? Groom your beard with double duty paraben free products to look like a true-blue gentleman fit to rule the office. Try from our range of beard wax Bathman to groom your beard without giving in to the harmful chemicals found in hair and beard sprays.
  1. Trim it regularly: Trim your beard regularly to maintain the shape and to a get rid of all split ends in your beard. As a thumb rule, a trim every 6 week for longer beard and one every 2 weeks for shorter beard should do the trick.

There, you have it- a list of to dos for long flowing luscious beard. Beards have been long associates with looking appealing, powerful and mature. Now that you have this list, flaunt your bearded style with ease and élan!