How hair oil helps in hair growth ?

"Love is in the hair" said nobody, but it's an axiom believed by all.  Hair is a one of the most striking features of every human being. A healthy and voluminous mane turns a lot of heads. But what's the secret of maintaining the luscious tresses? The answer has been around for ages. Remember when you were younger and your mum forcefully poured lukewarm oil on your head, massaging it vigorously and how soothing that felt? Hair oil! Ever since olden days, hair oil has proved to be a magic potion for the growth of long healthy tresses. But the question is which is the best hair oil for hair growth and does hair oil really help in the growth of hair? Let's find out.

1. Oil provides nourishment to hair

In this fastmoving life with an equally busy schedule, we forget to take care of our hair and ignore it’s needs. Just like us, our hair too needs nourishment for a healthy growth. Any kind of oil, like sesame, mustard, coconut or castor oil provides our hair it's well needed nutrition. Oiling hair regularly is one of the most prominent step towards hair growth.

 2. Oil provides strength to hair protein

Our tresses have roots beneath which are the epidermal cells. Protein deficiency can lead to weaker hair roots resulting in brittle and thin hair which in turn causes split ends and breakage.  A hair oil rich in proteins and vitamins acts as a catalyst to hair growth. Quencher hair oil by Nakedly Yours has the goodness of carrots, is rich in vitamins and with vital nutrients is ideal oil for hair growth. Apart from being hair friendly, it is pocket friendly too.

3. Oiling prevents dandruff

The white hair snow or dandruff can often be embarrassing and annoying. Dandruff is caused due to the dryness of our scalp which may be either due to weather or because of our own ignorance towards our hair. Scratching the scalps due to constant itching causes damage to the hair and often leading to breakage. Regular usage of coconut oil prevents dryness and dandruff. Herbivore oil by Nakedly Yours, which is free from any chemical and includes ingredients like rosemary, thyme sage and coconut oil helps you get rid of dandruff naturally.

4. Oiling prevents greying of hair

Youngsters are colouring their hair not only for the fashion statement but also to cover the greys. Factors like pollution, dust, sedentary lifestyle, and ignorance of healthy hair regime often leads to greying of hair at an early age. Hair fall is another demon we all are fighting. The normal hair fall range is 30-50 hair strands a day. But not providing the required nourishment to hair causes hair fall up to 100-200 strands a day. Oiling helps to prevent greying and hair fall. Hibiscus flower is one of the most used components in hair packs, oils and shampoos today. Hibiscus balances the pH level of the scalp and nourishes it, avoiding greying of hair. Flower Power by Nakedly Yours combines the goodness of hibiscus, lavender, rose, geranium and marigold as the homemade hair growth oil.

5. Oiling prevents bacterial and fungal infections

When you ignore your tresses, and don't massage your scalp for long, it often leads to clogging of pores. These pores can often get contaminated with bacteria or fungi. Bacterial hair infections make the scalps red and cause permanent itching. Massaging your hair regularly with any kind of oil you consider the best oil for hair along with a dab of honey gives an anti-bacterial treatment to your hair and prevents all kinds of hair infections. Aloe Vera and neem also plays an important role in curtailing hair infections. The goodness of both these gifts along with bringraj, hibiscus and henna is present in Mane Manna, another hair fall oil from Nakedly yours.

Now we know how oiling is a pathway to obtain shiny long tresses as we always desired to have.  It prevents dandruff, hair fall, various kinds of hair infections and helps in hair growth too. What are you waiting for, get up, and start oiling! Your hair will thank you later.

By Vaishali Singh

For Nakedly Yours