4 Reasons Why You Should Use Natural Skin Care Products

Almost 60% of what we use on your skin gets absorbed into the body. That means, when you use beauty and skin care products formulated with harmful, artificial ingredients, they start interfering with the body’s natural detoxification process and the entire immune system, besides causing skin-related issues. There are also instances wherein some of these chemicals get stored in the body for months or even years before they are eliminated completely. If you think that’s all there is to it, you are wrong! Any skin or beauty care product that you use eventually end up in soil and waterways and hence, have a huge impact on microorganisms and aquatic life. 

Natural ingredients are considered a much safer alternative even though certain plant-based ingredients are known to trigger unwanted or allergic reactions in some people. Furthermore, many ingredients that are labelled as natural or nature-derived have undergone extensive chemical processing which changes their nutritional profile and reduces the benefits they have on the skin. Ingredients that come from organic or biodynamic plants are minimally processed are considered the most active, pure and beneficial. Cold pressed extra virgin plant oils and steam-distilled essential oils are common cosmetic ingredients that undergo minimal processing. Minimally-processed natural products have been proven to be highly effective in promoting healthy skin and more eco-friendly.

Listed below are four important reasons as to why you should use more natural and organic skin and beauty care products:

Minimal chances of redness and irritation

 Certain chemicals and ingredients found in cosmetics such as Benzoyl Peroxide (used to treat acne) can cause dryness and redness and leave the skin sore. There are several natural alternatives to all types of skin care products – be it spot and wrinkle treatment or just everyday cleansing. They are gentler on the skin and just as effective. Naturally-sourced zinc oxide, tea tree oil and lavender extract are ingredients that have great healing properties and ideal to keep your skin smooth and nourished without any side effects or irritation.

Time-tested and proven results

What do you think people were using to enhance their beauty before the discovery of these “skin-enhancing” chemicals? Several ingredients that find their place in modern, organic skincare products have been developed from ancient remedies that are have been in use for centuries due to their incredible benefits for the skin. A test of time is indeed the best kind of test, and these ingredients have stood the test time, guaranteeing healthy, beautiful skin.

Skin care products should be skin food!

Our skin is very absorbent. When you use skin care products such as moisturizers, cleansers and toners, they get absorbed into our body through the skin. It’s good to take a look at the label and read through the list of ingredients when you go on your next next-care shopping run. Chemical toxins have destructive implications while on the other hand, natural products that are made from flower and plant extracts nourish our body and are great for keeping the skin soft and supple.

Natural is better for the environment

Skin care products that consist of chemical ingredients can be harmful to the environment. For instance, deodorants and perfumes that are released into the atmosphere contain CFS. The manufacturing process of these products also releases quite a few harmful ingredients into the atmosphere. The use of natural and organic skin care products not only gives you supple, glowing skin but also helps save the environment.

What’s your go-to skin care routine and what are your favourite skin care products? Let us know in the comments below.